B.E.E. Curriculum

B.E.E. Curriculum℠

logo-bee-programBradford Early Education takes their curriculum very seriously and has chosen to create a uniquely independent in-house curriculum; the B.E.E. Curriculum℠. This comprehensive B.E.E. Curriculum℠ places a strong emphasis on learning through play. Developmentally appropriate play is what inspires young children to be passionate about their learning.

In addition to our in-house B.E.E. Curriculum℠, we have selectively implemented highly respected curricula for our three, four and five year olds including Core Knowledge®, Everyday Mathematics®, Handwriting Without Tears®, and Food Friends®.

As a commitment to the families that attend Bradford Early Education schools, we have a Curriculum Director on staff to research, develop, monitor and improve the B.E.E. Curriculum℠ so it thoroughly and continuously encompasses all areas of development and mirrors B.E.E.’s mission, vision and values.