Developmental Evaluations

Milestone Checklists

At Bradford Early Education, we believe that every child should be given the time and space to develop their skills at their own pace. We have researched and developed a set of checklists for our Infant, Toddler, Junior Preschool and Preschool programs. These checklists offer parents evaluations of their child’s progress at different points in their developmental journey.

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B.E.E. Ready for School™ Assessment

Throughout the Pre-Kindergarten year, four year old children make tremendous growth in their academic, social and physical developments. Children begin to feel comfortable “in their own shoes” and express a new found desire and enjoyment in learning. The B.E.E. Ready for School™ assessment was developed to ensure each of our pre-kindergarten students are developing and strengthening their academic knowledge as well as work and social skills, ultimately displaying school readiness.