Enrichment Programs

Circle time, stories and outside interaction provided in the classrooms are key to the development of your child. Our selection of extra-curricular enrichment programs can broaden horizons and open up a new world of fun and learning!

Enrichment Programs

SOCCER SHOTS (ages 2½ and older)

Soccer Shots is a nationally recognized program that offers a high energy, fun and age-appropriate introduction to the wonderful game of soccer. In addition to soccer, Soccer Shots works on improving children’s gross motor skills and teaching children important concepts such as teamwork, sharing and respect.


Cost: $40 / 4-week session

FUTURE SPORTS STARS (ages 2½ and older)

A year round sports program geared to developing hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, muscle tone, physical fitness and enthusiasm for all sports by introducing basic skills through playful drills. This class will build confidence and give your child an edge when they begin participating in competitive sports. Some of the sports introduced are football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and golf.


Cost: $40 / 4-week session

DANCE (ages 2½ and older)

This 30 minute dance class teaches ballet and tap once a week. The class will consist of warm-ups, stretching, and dance instruction. Tap and ballet shoes are required. Dance will teach your child coordination, flexibility, and endurance as they gain body control. All of the children will learn a variety of dance moves that they will put together in a recital.


Cost: $38 / month

SWIM LESSONS (potty-trained children; ages 2½ and older)

Swim lessons are taught in low-ratio groups at our on-sight swimming pool with center staff who are certified lifeguards.  The pool begins at 2½ feet deep and continues to a depth of 3½ feet.  This shallow depth encourages confidence in swimmers of all ages and levels.


Cost: $80 / 3-week session (Mon thru Thurs), 3 Sessions / Summer