Fill-A-Bucket – A Character Education Program

bucket-bradford-early-educationChildren need to grow and develop “virtues” or “strengths of character.” We have developed our entire B.E.E. Curriculum℠ around the importance of these core virtues through the Fill-A-Bucket program. This is a delightful series of children’s books that teach children how their behavior and words can directly impact the people they interact with each day as well as themselves.

The Fill-A-Bucket series explains that everyone carries an invisible happiness bucket. Every time someone does something that makes us feel good our bucket becomes fuller and, in turn, so does theirs. The concept is also taken a step further, and explains that we have the ability to use our “lid” to keep hurtful things from dipping into our bucket. We empower our staff to lead by example – using imagery and verbiage that speaks in a bucket-filling manner.

At Three Bears Learning Center, you will see bulletin boards and individual charts/projects from every classroom demonstrating how the children visualize their buckets. For the older children, note pads are available to draw pictures or to have an adult transcribe a comment that would help fill a person’s bucket. For the younger children, the Fill-A-Bucket program is a nice opportunity for the adults to provide the little ones with the opportunity of more “yes” than “no” responses each day so their buckets of positive, empowering feelings are full.