B.E.E. Your Best in Junior Preschool℠

jr-preschool-2Our B.E.E. Curriculum℠ continues to engage your child in the junior preschool program, B.E.E. Your Best in Jr. Preschool℠.  Your junior preschooler will learn early preschool concepts and skills such as colors, shapes and numbers and also discover possibilities in art, sensory, music, literature, rhymes, finger plays, language and listening, dramatic play and large motor skill games.  We encourage developing social skills through interactive play.

Evaluations at this age are developmental milestones checklists at 2½ and 3 years.

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A Typical Day as a B.E.E. Junior Preschooler

6:30am 8:30am Puzzles, Puppets and Playtime
8:30am 9:00am Exploration Play/One-on-One Potty Training
9:00am 9:30am Morning Snack & Water Break
9:30am 10:00am Circle Time/Creative Art Expression
10:00am 10:30am Outside Gross Motor Play
10:30am 11:05am One-on-One Potty Training/Storybook Reading
11:05am 11:10am Wash Hands for Lunch
11:10am 11:40pm Lunch!
11:40pm 12:00pm One-on-One Potty Training
12:00pm 12:15pm Storybook Reading
12:15pm 2:30pm Restful Naptime
2:30pm 3:00pm Wake Up/ One-on-One Potty Training/Fine Motor Play
3:00pm 3:30pm Afternoon Snack & Water Break
3:30pm 4:00pm Outside Gross Motor Play
4:00pm 5:00pm Music, Movement, and Manipulatives
5:00pm 5:30pm Clean Up/ One-on-One Potty Training
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