SUMMER CAMP (5-10 Years)

summer-camps-denver-1The summer camp program is for children who attend public or private school and have completed kindergarten up through age ten. The program is designed to allow children to participate in fun and enriching social activities and events during the summer months.  The program includes lunch and snacks as well as pool time.  Summer camp consists of two groups of children who rotate field trips. Cost of events and field trips are included once you have paid the activity fee, although we may schedule a fundraiser during the summer to help cover the cost of certain trips.  Field trips include museums, educational activities, nature outings, tours of various facilities, historical and government trips.

A Typical Day as a B.E.E. Summer Camper

The daily schedule in the summer camp classrooms is determined by the pool, field trip, and visitor schedules. Please speak with the Director for scheduling specifics.